Tomm, karl / WORKSHOP / 24.04.2019

Prä-Kongress Workshop: "Systemic Assessment and Therapy"

The systemic approach in family, couple, and individual psychotherapy gives priority to understanding the context of human behaviour, thoughts, and feelings.  It focuses on identifying and clarifying patterns of interaction between clients and significant others which contribute to specific experiences and behaviours.  Several years ago, Karl and his colleagues developed a model of systemic assessment that distinguishes between Pathologizing Interaction Patterns (PIPs), Healing Interaction Patterns (HIPs), Wellness Interaction Patterns (WIPs), Transforming Interpersonal Patterns (TIPs), and Deteriorating Interpersonal Patterns (DIPs). Recently he and his colleagues have refined this “IPscope” framework, and have extended it to include SocioCultural Interpersonal Patterns (SCIPs) as well. A book on this approach was published in 2014.

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