Workshop 4: "How Narrative Therapists Work with Politics and Limiting Discourses: A Closer Look"

Starting with a therapy story of the work with a particular family, we will illustrate how narrative therapists invite people to explore the influence of their sociopolitical context; how the discourses at play in their world shape the possibilities they can and cannot imagine for their lives. We think that problems are constructed in relation to dominant ideas in people’s local culture and we focus on them, rather than on people’s “characteristics” or patterns of relationship. We will give examples of the questioning process we use to bring forth awareness (for both ourselves and the people who are consulting with us) of the fine-grained effects in their daily lives of norms and standards about power and status according to gender, social class, race, physical and mental abilities, age, education, etc. We will provide a brief exercise to provide experience of this process and to prompt discussion. 

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